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"Simple china is the most capable consulting
and research firm specializing on China trade and investment"

Expansion into China requires an office with people ‘on the ground’ to run operations. There are some bureaucratic procedures to undergo, but the process is not as difficult as might be expected – and costs
for office setup are considerably less expensive in China than in the UK. Services include:

• Explanation of different structures of setup including Representative Office,
Joint Venture and Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise.
• Registration of office with appropriate bureaucracy.
• Sourcing of office space and negotiation of fees.
• Recruitment of suitable Chinese and Western members of staff.

China Consulting makes preparations for China in the following way:

• Analysis of specific industry including an assessment of main competitors, current trade restrictions,
scope of opportunity and potential for growth.
• Informed recommendations on target cities for market entry.
• Suggestions on the form of business partnerships that would best meet the company’s needs
Joint Ventures or
• Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises.

In case of Joint Venture setup:

• Spreadsheet of potential Chinese partners including name of company, location, contact details,
breakdown of operations.
• Initial telephone contact with potential Chinese partners.
• Company brief written in Chinese to be sent to potential partners.
• Spreadsheet detailing initial contact with potential partners and their responses.
• Organization of client meetings in China

China Consulting organizes tailor-made trade missions for companies or individuals wishing to do business in China. This will often consist of business meetings with business partners and clients.

China Consulting’s extensive contacts and knowledge in China ensures that you will:

• Meet the relevant people for your industry sector
• Receive specific advice and guidance at all times
• Be accompanied by a Chinese speaking member of staff
• Have a complete and comprehensive itinerary planned prior to the trip

Finding capable Chinese suppliers that consistently provide high quality manufacturing is a daunting task
for most Western companies. In addition, there are concerns over reliability of delivery and security of payment. Cultivating and maintaining the business relationship with the Chinese manufacturers requires enormous efforts and time.

We have a professional team in China to assist international companies in sourcing and purchasing goods
from China. We have established a partnership network with trustworthy suppliers.

Our work under this program involves:

• Carrying out the identification and evaluation of suitable suppliers
• Obtaining preliminary quotation
• Conducting independent factory or supplier site visit on behalf of clients
• Making recommendations on the most appropriate suppliers
• Arranging sample testing